DeLorean Dirty Dozen


The List

1. Frame, frame, frame

  • Inside the engine cradle extensions — these are hard to reach or even see in. Internal frame treatment is possible here though.
  • In the cross member under the cradle extensions — this doesn’t always have epoxy all the way through, and even when it does, it may be lifting.
Rust in the rear support under the engine cradle.
  • Inside the front frame extension — again seeing in here is tricky, and requires getting under the frame with a flashlight, and is hard to reach with the steering rack in the way.
  • Other spots like the sidewall where the fuel filter mounts — this is somewhat thin and can collect moisture.

2. Fuel lines

Braided lines installed.
Fuel filter elbow has seen better days.

3. Vacuum lines

Original aging vacuum lines.

4. Valley of Death

VoD being cleaned.

5. Roofbox

The roofbox is clearly lifting here.

6. Fuel pump

Fuel lines to the fuel pump. These are clearly original, deteriorating lines.

7. Fuse box and Relays

Fuse box area with a number of updates.

8. LEDs

7. Tires

Hankook tires ready to be fitted.

8. Trailing Arm Bolts

Original trailing arm bolts after removal. One was so badly bend, it had to be cut out.

9. A/C

Hamster cage, ready to be cleaned.

10. Radio and speakers

DIN-sized faceplate and original-sized faceplate.
Typical rear speaker condition with dry rot.

11. Seat rails and carpet

Seat rails that have been better days.

12. Steering

Steering assembly. Bushing is seen right at the end.

13A. Bonus round — Automatics

13B. Bonus round — Manuals

This is what can happen. Photo courtesy Mike Guy.
And this is what it should look like.

Forthcoming topics

  • Brakes
  • Battery and grounds
  • Fluid change schedules
  • Binnacle and instrument cluster




Vegan, IoT, Coffee, Lego and DeLoreans

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Peter Naulls

Peter Naulls

Vegan, IoT, Coffee, Lego and DeLoreans

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