DeLorean Dirty Dozen


The List

Rust in the rear support under the engine cradle.
Braided lines installed.
Fuel filter elbow has seen better days.
Original aging vacuum lines.
VoD being cleaned.
The roofbox is clearly lifting here.
Fuel lines to the fuel pump. These are clearly original, deteriorating lines.
Fuse box area with a number of updates.
Hankook tires ready to be fitted.
Original trailing arm bolts after removal. One was so badly bend, it had to be cut out.
Hamster cage, ready to be cleaned.
DIN-sized faceplate and original-sized faceplate.
Typical rear speaker condition with dry rot.
Seat rails that have been better days.
Steering assembly. Bushing is seen right at the end.
This is what can happen. Photo courtesy Mike Guy.
And this is what it should look like.

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